Gabriel O’Sullivan is a follower of Christ.  He tries to follow closely, but the reality is, he isn’t perfect.  However, through life’s ups and downs, he makes it his top priority to be a man of integrity, love, and faith, putting his devotion to God and his family as top priority.


As a husband and father, he is blessed to have a wonderful wife and children to invest in daily and shower with love.

As a Chiropractor, (http://www.iveyosullivan.com) Dr O’Sullivan enjoys the opportunity to help his patients achieve health through natural means.

As an author, he attempts to help the world understand that God’s blessings are not always directly tied to its perception of its current reality, and that it is in our own best interest to trust in God’s plans no matter how difficult they may be to endure.

Some of life’s challenges like disease, divorce, downsizing and death have a chance to destroy one’s hope, faith, and belief in God.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Allow Thy Will Be Done? and its community of fans and followers to travel with you along the road of life. Your journey will have its share of bumps, twists, and turns, but they all have the potential to make you stronger, more resilient, and more trusting of God and his plans so that you can say-with confidence-, “Not my will, Lord, but yours be done.”

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Persevere. Grow. Endure.

This couple made it through a fiery trial.  Let their story inspire you to make it through, too.